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Fake Bake Double Shot Expresso Tan 120ml

An extra-dark instant self-tan
Fake Bake’s darkest ever formula, the Double Shot Expresso Tan truly packs a punch and delivers swift results. Forget the caramel latte or cappuccino with an extra shot, this self-tan is all you need to lift both your look and your spirits! Featuring a blend of tanning actives for intense colour, Fake Bake Double Shot Expresso Tan boasts a concentrated formula so a little goes a very long way.

The gel dries quickly and nourishes your skin as it colours for an enhanced look to treasure. You can get dressed and show off your look immediately because the tan won’t transfer to your clothes. To go really, really dark, leave the gel on for 4-6 hours and then wash off.

Super-dark tan
Instant results
Nourishing formula
Won’t transfer to clothes
Highly concentrated